Flint has been without clean water for 4 years. The free water program has ended. In response to this, Creighton sent an IMMEDIATE request out to the follower base to ship water to Flint.  As of July 2018, over 400 cases, 300 single gallons, 40 three gallon containers and over 30 filters have been sent. On August 17, 2019, a Flint Fundraiser was held in which two full pallets of water and over $300 was collected and donated to Felicia Copeny, cousin of “Little Miss Flint.”

With the help of Instacart, Shipt and Michigan residents who have personally delivered water, we have helped hundreds of residents. While this is a huge achievement, this is an ongoing problem as Flint is STILL without clean water. Please consider donating to the cause so we can continue shipping water and supplies.

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