The Flint water crisis has affected a lot of families - including my own. We haven’t had clean water for almost 5 years and there seems to be not end in sight. The lead and bacteria in the water has led to countless health issues, including death amongst Flint residents. I have to have a filter for every faucet in our house including a shower filter. Also, I use jugs of clean water to bathe my two small children and we rely on bottled water to drink and cook with. While this reality is well known, our Governor still decided to end the water PODS in April of 2018. Therefore, we are literally surviving off of donations from our peers. Creighton Leigh has been on the front lines to ensure that families in Flint receive as much water and filters as possible. Her donations have helped so many Flint families. I am able to provide clean water and filters to for my family and other families through her donations. It is my hope that she continues to bring more relief to Flint through her tireless work by connecting to more doors.
Felicia Copeny, Flint Resident and Activist

There are no words to express how much I appreciate Creighton Leigh. As a single parent she her support and dedication means the world to me. She faithfully fills our fridge and bellies. My children have not gone hungry in some time and it is because of her hard work and dedication Creighton is amazing.
N. Jones, Philadelphia

Creighton is literally a lifesaver. When I was hospitalized, she shared my crowdfunding campaign which enable me to be able to pay bills while I was recovering. Since then she has employed me to help her with various projects and has paid me for my time and labor. Aside from this, she is an amazing friend. She has always made sure people such as me, are centered. She takes on more than her fair share I love her, and I am grateful to know her and call her a friend.
R. Evans, Washington

I went through a horrible breakup a few years ago and had to humble myself and move home and in with my sister. It was a tough transition and she helped me get through. Creighton’s support and love is something I will never forget. She has been my light at the end of many dark tunnels. I have no idea where I would be if it wasn’t for her. I pray she knows the powerful ripple effect she has had on lives. The tireless advocacy and cup shaking is helping Black people all over the world. She is appreciated.
Z. Lynn, Virginia