About Voix Noire

Voix Noire began as a reactionary response to the many non-inclusive spaces that intentionally and narrowly define womanhood and femmehood to exclude many of us.

Voix Noire is made for and by Black Women and Femme identified people of ALL genders. We uplift ALL Black Women and Femme identified people through activism, storytelling and images.

Our goal is to build a platform which elevates conversations around Black liberation by centering the voices, stories and bodies of those of us who are underrepresented in the media.

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Our Founder


Voix Noire is the brain child of Creighton Leigh, a writer, speaker and organizer out of New York. She is NOT paid for the work she does. If you'd like to support her, join her Patreon page.

To learn more about Creighton, visit her personal site at CreightonLeigh.com