Creighton Leigh

Our Founder

Creighton Leigh (she/her) is Philly-born and raised, but is currently a New York-based organizer and writer working and advocating at the intersections of Blackness, femmehood, queerness, fatness, and disability. She is a sexual health educator who specializes in HIV counseling, testing, and disease surveillance. As a multiply marginalized Black woman, she has experienced deep social and economic disparity. Creighton began Voix Noire in 2016 as an urgent need to advocate for people like her, who remain chronically underserved and underresourced.

As Creighton used her social media platforms to organize, the demand was so great that she eventually rebranded Voix Noire as a reparations-based platform. Her mission is to fill the gap and fulfill the needs and wants of Black women, marginalized genders (MaGes) and children. From universal income to grocery deliveries to emergency money needs, Creighton works tirelessly to secure funding to continue to support and serve the community. Creighton's goal with Voix Noire is to stand in the gap and do the work in unapologetically distributing reparations to the most underserved in our intentionally exploited communities.

She is NOT paid for the work she does. If you'd like to support her, join her Patreon page or donate to her Cashapp here.




not The Founder/Tech Guru

Buffye (she/they) is a Senior Cybersecurity Analyst by day. She handles all the tech needs for Voix Noire, including website updates, monitoring emails, and other administrative tasks. Her goal is to make things as organized and efficient as possible for Creighton so she can continue to do The Work!