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Assistance Guidelines

We don't require much but here are the basics of applying for assistance from Voix Noire:


Voix Noire provides assistance to Black marginalized genders and their children. Gender, household size, relationship status are all taken into account when processing applications.

Post Sharing

Since we are a mutual aid effort, a significant portion of our funding comes from visibility on social media. As such, we require all applicants to publicly share a post (found linked to whichever application is being completed) in order to be considered.


We vet everyone who applies. You must provide a valid social media link or your application will be denied.

No Tolerance

We do not tolerate dishonesty or disrespect. If you lie on an application to get assistance, you will be disqualified from future assistance. If you rude to anyone on the Voix Noire Team because your application isn't processed or any other reason, you will be disqualified from future assistance.

Ready to Apply?

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